My Invisible Disability Ability -Daniel Pancy

Even though it is very difficult at times to struggle through life with Meniere’s Disease; I still am able to use my invisible ability through the lens. People stare at me and wonder why is he using a walker and capturing life on film at the same time. No one has ever asked. No one has questioned my invisible disability. No one has ever doubted it.

Yes, I am able to walk without my walker. It is not a great distance. It is not an easy task at times. It is not something I do often. Yes, people have looked at me, parking in the handicapped spot and then walking into to the store, only to quickly shag a cart and use that as my walker. That is me being visible and invisible at the same time.

My invisible disability has become my visible ability to show and share with others my view of life through my eyes, the camera, and my walker. -DPancy

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