You start to work through a pattern of grief. -SA Smith

You start to work through a pattern of grief. At first, you are relieved to know that there’s a name for these symptoms that have been plaguing you. Then you feel upset, even depressed because it feels like your life, as you’ve known it, has been ripped away from you, never to be the same again. Then that same sadness turns to anger. Anger at everyone and everything. You wonder what you did to get this disease and how you are going to manage your life from this point forward. You still want the qualify of life you had before the disease hit you. You want to work, you want a family or at least be able to take care of the family you have. It’s hard to accept that you are going to have to let many of your responsibilities go and depend on others much more than you’d like to. This is the plight of many of us living with an invisible illness.  by SA Smith

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