The topic of should I get a Medical ID Bracelet or not, always seems to come up in postings on Facebook. Personally I think they are an important part of having a medical condition. Those of us with vestibular disorders or other chronic illnesses are no different. Meniere’s Disease, with it’s vertigo, drop attacks, hearing issues and our other symptoms can mimic other diseases. We can easily be mistaken for being intoxicated or “high” on drugs. During an attack it is difficult to explain our medical conditions to others if needed; let alone our contact information, medications, allergies, or even who our physician might be. 

I researched different kinds of Medical ID Bracelets, and I find that Road ID checks all the boxes. It originally was designed for runners, hikers, and those that like to bike and adventure. -Daniel Pancy 

The Emergency Online Profile (formerly known as the Road ID Interactive) is a wearable ID created to empower active people who participate in outdoor activities to wear ID and not take the chance of being unidentified in the event of an emergency. The ID is designed to quickly provide vital emergency information to First Responders in the event of an accident. There are various styles of Road ID Interactive: The Wrist ID Elite, The Wrist ID Stretch, The Shoe ID, and The Apple Watch ID.

This awesome piece of gear not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can’t speak for yourself, your Online Profil will. Your Online Profile allows you to create an Emergency Response Profile that will tell First Responders your Name, Address, Emergency Contacts, Health Insurance, Medical Information, and more. Even better, your Emergency Response Profile is available to First Responders 24 hours a day via internet AND telephone.


The Silicone Clasp Medical ID bracelet keeps your vital medical info on hand and easily accessible. Each custom medical alert ID features a trim-to-size silicone band and a classic tri-fold clasp to dial-in the perfect fit. Perfect for those with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, allergies, and more. Each ID comes with a  medic alert Badge and up to 5 lines of custom text.

Each ROAD iD style is available to order in one of two versions; with Profile or Without Profile.

The Without Profile Version means you have the ability to customize the entire engraved faceplate with your emergency details. In the event of an emergency, these details are what a first responder will have access to.

The with Profile Version means you can customize all but the last two lines of the engraved faceplate. The last two lines on the faceplate are instructions for first responders. After your faceplate has been ordered, you will create an online emergency response profile. The profile will contain your emergency contacts, allergies, medical history, medications and much more. In the event of an emergency, first responders will use your engraved faceplate to gain access to the online profile.

The Serial # and PIN can be found on the back of your ID plate. For the Wrist ID Elite and Wrist ID Slim, you can simply take the ID off your wrist and look at the inside of the plate. For the Shoe ID, however, a bit more work is necessary.

Your Serial Number and PIN are meant to be used in the event of an emergency. Medical personnel will log in via the First Responder Login section in order to get the vital information they’re looking for. This only allows for the VIEWING of your Emergency Response Profile. 

To edit your Emergency Response Profile and access all account options, you will need to enter your email and password into the Customer Login section. This section is located on the bottom left of the MyRoadID home page.

The Emergency Response System was designed to be very simple to access in emergency situations. A First Responder can easily access your Emergency Response Profile (ERP) in two ways: One, they can dial the telephone number on the ID to speak with a live agent. Two, they can navigate to to view your ERP. Many emergency vehicles are now equipped with computers that have internet access. Nearly all EMTs, Police Officers, Doctors, Nurses, and Good Samaritans carry cell phones. Additionally, smart phones (like iPhone and Android) have the capability of accessing your ERP via phone or internet.

In the event that First Responders do not have Internet access or cell phone service (on a mountain, or something), they can always communicate with their dispatch office via radios, etc. This situation is pretty unlikely, but you can be rest assured that First Responders will nearly always be able to access your profile, one way or another.

In a hospital setting, Emergency Doctors, Nurses, and Staff can easily access a printable version of your ERP to help admit, diagnose, and treat you properly.

The App was created by the the makers of Road ID, the world’s leading provider of safety identification products for outdoor enthusiasts. Like our physical ID products, the App is designed to provide safety and peace of mind to the user and their family. The App achieves this with two amazing features. The first App feature allows you to send an  eCrumb (electronic breadcrumb) to family members and friends whenever you head outdoors for an adventure (run, ride, hike, walk, etc). The eCrumb can be sent via email or text message and allows your contacts to track your adventure, in real time, on a map. The eCrumb feature also has an optional “Stationary Alert” that can notify select contacts if you stop moving for more than 5 minutes. The Second feature is a personalized  LockScreen   that allows you to put your emergency contacts and other important information on your phone’s lock screen. This can provide vital information to First Responders in an accident, even if your phone is locked. IMPORTANT NOTE: The App is not a replacement for a physical Road ID product and is intended to be a supplemental safety device only. For ID purposes, it’s important that you wear (on your person) an ID that First Responders can easily access in an emergency.

For more information about Road ID, here is the link to their website.

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