What Part of Hearing Impaired Don’t You Understated? -by Daniel Pancy

It is so frustrating! Yes, I’m hearing impaired due to bilateral Meniere’s. My hearing aid molds are bright red. Why? I want people to to see them. I’m not embarrassed by the fact that I have to wear them. Even with them I still need to see your face when you talk so that I make sure I am understanding our conversation. This should not be a difficult task.

The worst place is at reception for the physician’s office. You would think of all places the clinic would be the last place this would be an issue. For me, it’s always been the worst. I have better understanding and eye contact at the car dealership service department than I do at trying to check in at the physician’s office! Seriously I do!

According to upbook.com “Medical receptionists play a vital role in the successful running of the practice. Since they are the first persons whom patients and guests get to meet when they arrive, medical receptionists should possess outstanding people skills. Patients should be attended to promptly and courteously. Making eye contact is very important during these face-to-face interactions. Front desk receptionist duties also include helping patients fill up important forms, explaining and making sure that patients understand what needs to be accomplished. “

This is not rocket science. It’s your job.

This is not rocket science! It’s your job! When I do ask for them to look me, I say politely “I’m sorry, but I’m hearing impaired and I need to see your face so I can understand what you want.” They always apologize. Next thing it is face down, back staring at the computer screen. Keyboard. Keyboard. Keyboard.


“Date of Bird”

“Contract information “

“Insure rinse card”

“For though ID”

“Your dead duck table is hero today.”

“Have a seat. They will call you with eddy. “

It’s looks funny in print. This is actually what I hear when they do not talk and don’t make eye contact with me from behind their beloved computer screen. I know what they are saying in my head but not through my ears. It is so frustrating that when I go and sit, waiting to be called I almost want to cry. It’s not even my fault. No wonder sometimes my blood pressure is over the moon when they take it. It’s difficult and overwhelming and not my fault.

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