Thanksgiving in the United States -Daniel Pancy

The American Thanksgiving.

First it starts with the Federally Mandated Hand Turkey. This must be displayed properly and proudly with respect on your refrigerator. This usually is done by the Friday before Thanksgiving.

There is also the mandatory designated “Kids Table” where the four youngest in the group must sit at and eat.

If by chance you don’t have a your Federally Mandated Hand Turkey, then you must supply the Kids Table with blank paper and crayons so that they will draw you one for your refrigerator, thus meeting the requirements of the Federally Mandated Hand Turkey. Some people supply scissors, tape, glue, paper plates, feathers, and crayons for the Kids Table in order for them to create your Hand Turkey, although these types of supplies are not necessarily needed.

Happy Thanksgiving! -Daniel Pancy

Federally Mandated Hand Turkey

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